Digital Tech Frontier (DTF) which is an Arizona based firm, is an industry leader and pioneer that designs, manufactures, customizes, and markets innovative experiential technology that stimulates, educates, and entertains. Through engaging applications such as interactive educational products, immersive experiences, and creative, custom animations, DTF has established itself as a reliable solution for high impact marketing, entertainment, and revolutionizing education. We focus our efforts on you, not merely satisfying your objectives, but surpassing imaginations with unique ideas and exceptional products.

DTF has manufactured many custom experiences for a number of fortune 500 companies like Toyota, Intel, Nokia, IBM, Global Crossing and AT&T to site just a few, creating virtual experiences from sight, sound and smell system kiosks to fully immersive NASCAR racing simulators and a mega-sized mobile 20 seat virtual reality motion theater platform.


Digital Tech Frontiers key developers Scott Jochim, Robert Siddell, and the artist Shrox have been involved in education and developing innovative multisensory technology for over a decade. Scott Jochim has been creating unforgettable interactive applications that equips students with the abilities and the tools to seek out an explore knowledge; to make well grounded judgments about the quality of information available; to plan projects and to practice time management in order to cooperate to achieving a common goal and prepare them for the rest of their lives. He enables users to the opportunity to go to places they have never imagined virtually whether it is walking through the hidden city of Mesa Verde, or holding the whole solar system in the palms of your hands. Robert Siddell has been an integral part in the creation and development of Digital Tech Frontier’s unique offerings from designing motion simulators, to helping develop the frame work and interface of the Augmented Reality Development Lab. His creative design abilities and exceptional educational experience has helped Digital Tech Frontier author some premier educational and entertainment technology. Shrox is an award winning artist who has worked with EA, SEGA, Maxis, and Nasa, who brings 20 years of high end computer animation to the team.


Unlike traditional, lecture-based learning, DTF creates forums for students to learn, plan, and execute their vision collectively which fosters a non-linear development skill set that is tangible in modern day technological applications and problem solving. In 2001, a grant from the state of Arkansas tasked DTF to prove the effectiveness of virtual reality in education. Proof came in the form of the “Educational Reality System (ERS)” built for the Lamar School District soon afterward. The creation of the ERS spawned the Virtual Vacations series titles and eventually the Virtual Reality Development Lab (VRDL) as it is today.

We are thankful for the continuing opportunity to contribute to the educational community. It opens a door to possibilities and opportunities that are limited only by the students’ own imaginations, and it does so by engaging them in the process of “active learning.” It places them in a position where they are driven to create, to research, to analyze, and to think independently about a subject rather than just “listen and absorb.” Our educational technology reaches out to students with a wide range of learning styles and abilities.


With the amazing worldwide success of the VRDL, DTF decided to create the Augmented Reality Development Lab. The ARDL uses the essential skills that the students enjoyed from the VRDL, but provides them with a completely unique set of tools unlike any other educational software. The ARDL revolutionizes the way students interact with their curriculum and allows them to learn and retain information at an advanced level.