Q. What are the software system requirements?

A. You need a PC running WindowsXP or greater, an Internet connection, 1GHZ CPU or faster, 256MB RAM (512MB recommended), a graphics card with 3D acceleration is recommended but it not required especially if your PC is over 1.5 GHZ, and a web cam is recommended but is not required (640×480 recommended).


Q.  Do I have to pay a yearly maintenance fee on the software?

A.  No, there is only a onetime fee for the entire ARDL unless you decide to purchase more equipment in the future.


Q.  Can I make my own AR modules?

A.  Yes, you can use the software to publish your created module to a web address that you can access for thirty days.


Q.  How often will content be released?

A.  New content is scheduled to be released every quarter.  As more students, teachers, and museums get a hold of the software, additional modules will be available for use as well.


Q.  What is the income for teachers program for?

A.  It is a program for teachers and museums to create and share content, offer it for sale, and the profits are split up between the manufacturer and the module creator.


Q.  Is it hard to create content?

A.  No, content can be created in less than ten minutes utilizing programs like sketch up, sketch up ware house, 3D Studio Max, and coming soon ESRI maps.


Q.  How many computers can I install the software on?

A.  You can install the educational software on 5 computers, and the museum software on 1.  If you are interested in utilizing the software on more computers, additional licenses may be purchased.  For education, additional licenses can be purchased in sets of 5.  The museum software can be purchased one at a time.


Q.  What mediums can the software be displayed on? 

A.  LCDs, projectors, plasmas, smart boards, overhead projectors, document cameras, and coming soon the iPad, iPhone, and Droid.


Q.  Why does the system only come with one set of paddles?

A.  Because you can print out as many markers as you would like by clicking on the downloads section and printing out the ARDL Markers PDF.  You can then use any material you like to mount the markers such as plastic, foam core, wood, metal, or any other material that you desire.


Q.  Can I make my own custom markers (ARDL marker)?

A.  Yes, but only by utilizing the museum software that will be coming out in the fourth quarter of 2010.


Q.  Can children with special needs and disabilities use AR?

A.  Yes, the ARDL revolutionizes the way people with special needs communicate, learn, and make choices.  The ARDL supports a wholly inclusive experience and the philosophy of active participation as a simple, creative and effective tool which stimulates and encourages interaction and communication at every age and level.


Q.  Are all web cams and integrated web cams able to be used?

A.  98% of integrated web cams and standalone web cams can be used.


Q.  If I want to purchase more web cams can I purchase them through you?

A.  Yes you may.  We have two different types of web cams that we recommend for using with our software.  Our one camera is a HD camera that is mounted on our VirtualMicroscope, while the other camera is designed to be mounted on your computer.


Q.  Is the ARDL Mac compatible?

A.  At this time we do not support Macs but the development is coming in the future. Please send us an email if this is your only route to use the ARDL. Contact Us at support@ardevelopmentlab.com.


Q. Why does the image seem to flicker on the paddles?

A. Don’t move your paddle so quickly, turn off some of the lights and or find a better more direct light source that does not cause glare on the markers.


Q.  If we want specific modules built that we cannot do ourselves, does your firm develop content and modules?

A.  Yes our firm and several others will be more than happy to create whatever type of module that you desire for either your museum or classroom, for a development and creation cost.